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Shopping for Gifts in Hokitika

pounamu carving

Hokitika is full of talented artists. There are so many options when it comes to gift buying here that you will find it hard to choose, you may end up wanting to take home one of everything!

We have jade/pounamu carvers, painters, photographers, goldsmiths, glassblowers, potters, weavers, sculptors, knitters to name but a few. All of these skilled artists and craftspeople have their work available to buy in Hokitika.

You can find small inexpensive gifts for family and friends, special pieces for yourself and more expensive, exquisite works too. There is definitely something for every taste and budget here.

Here are a few examples of what is on offer:

The Gold Room

The Gold Room sign

Natural gold nuggets

“As found West Coast gold nuggets and flakes crafted into stunning jewellery. Westland’s rich gold-mining story comes to life as beautiful gold nugget jewellery crafted from the locally found natural gold. Watch our in-house jeweller working with the unique and highly prized gold nuggets and flakes, preserving the unique raw forms from the earth. Hold one of the large, real gold nuggets in your hand and feel the amazing weight of gold, or purchase your own gold pan and try your luck! New Zealand gold designed jewellery, charms and chains to tempt you, the perfect memento of your holiday. Shop online or visit our studio and gallery open seven days in Hokitika” The Gold Room

One of my favourite shops in Hokitika is William Steyn’s Stone Painting gallery.

william stone painting

This guy is incredible! The work is so intricate and detailed. He sells his painted stones from his shop beside Mountain Jade gallery on Weld Street. You can find little pieces from a few dollars up to his bigger works that have obviously taken hours to create. He’s a really interesting guy and is always happy to chat to his customers.

The Hokitika Craft Gallery

Hokitika Craft Gallery

The gallery is run as a cooperative by local artists in Hokitika. Here you can buy locally made pottery, textile craft/art, paintings, jade/pounamu carvings, woodwork items and jewellery.

Located on Tancred Street beside Sweet Alice’s




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