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Driftwood & Sand Sculpture Competition

The West Coast has a wild and rugged coastline that is often strewn with large amounts of driftwood. This is due to the huge area of rainforest right beside the sea and  the many rivers flowing through them. In January, locals and visitors alike head to the beach to create all manner of sculptures. Weather and tides permitting, these creations can stay up for months. 

Hokitika Beach - The Best Sunsets In NZ

In less than a minute you can be on the beach enjoying sunsets like this. Crooked Mile Cottage is a short walk from the sea and the famous Hokitika driftwood sign.  Incredible Instagram worthy photos right on your doorstep.

sunset Hokitika

Find Jade (Pounamu) On The Beach

On Hokitika beach you may be lucky enough to find your own precious piece of pounamu.  It gets washed down the rivers and often washes up on the beach. The best time to look is after a flood. Search the tide line as the stone will be more obvious when wet. If  you are lucky enough to find a piece, you can take it to Bonz ‘N Stonz to carve or simply polish and drill a hole to turn into a  pendant.

There are all sorts of amazing looking stones and pebbles to be found on our beach including small garnets. This beach is a rock hounds dream

Sunset Point, Fishing & Photography

Sunset point is right out on the tip between the ocean and the Hokitika River. It is a busy spot at sundown during the summer season. It is also a great place to do a bit of fishing. Locals go here when the kahawai are running. Kahawai are a great sport fish and tasty too.  The whitebait season starts in September and if the weather and tide is good you can see locals down near the tip and up the river bank trying to catch these elusive West Coast delicasies.

whitebaiters Hokitika